Johnson Controls implements chipless drilling for improved HVAC production.

Johnson Controls implements chipless drilling for improved HVAC production.

Innovating HVAC Manufacturing: Johnson Controls' Quest for Perfection

Johnson Controls is a leading manufacturer in heat and air systems (HVAC). Johnson Controls was facing significant challenges with their production process, predominantly due to their complex drilling process. The presence of chips in the company’s AC units was causing numerous disruptions and compromising the overall quality of their end products. For this reason, Johnson Controls was in search of a better solution.

Flowdrill Solutions to replace conventional drilling

In their search for a proven and robust solution, Johnson Controls learned about Flowdrill through a recommendation from the BLM group, which specializes in designing and building tube lasers and tube bending machines for processing pipes, wires, and metal sheets. BLM group introduced Johnson Controls to the possibilities of chipless friction drilling. As a result, Johnson Controls conducted extensive research into the possibilities of implementing a chip-free operation by making use of friction drilling with Flowdrill.

Johnson Controls had specific requirements based on their ideal solution. They were looking for chipless production and required a reliable partner that was focused on support and sustainability. Flowdrill appeared to perfectly possess the ability to make custom friction drills for customer-specific applications, and has emerged as the frontrunner in the market, thanks to their excellent reputation, recommendations, and customer support.

Flowdrill has 40 years of experience with chip-free friction drilling techniques. Johnson Controls was convinced by Flowdrill’s service and expertise to make custom made Friction drill bits, that the company would be able to find an optimal solution for their issues.

Johnson Controls enhances HVAC cooling unit with chipless drilling technology from Flowdrill.

High-Quality Friction Drilling

The most important factor for Johnson Controls was the ability to reduce the number of chips and produce precise holes for brazing. After the test samples were produced in the factory, they were sent to Johnson Controls, where they were tested to determine that they could meet Johnson Controls high standards of quality. After these quality checks were conducted and the samples were approved, production using the new assembly line with the friction drills from Flowdrill began.

Once implemented, the new production method garnered positive reception from Johnson Controls’ production team. Johnson Controls experienced a worry-free friction drilling process because of the ability to change bits as needed and maintain consistent, high-quality hole drilling. This newfound efficiency eliminated all the prior issues related to chips and hole sizes, and significantly reduced the need for rework. This boosted the company’s overall efficiency and positively impacted their bottom line.

“The Flowdrill tool itself proved impressive, but it was the exceptional Flowdrill team that left a lasting impression”. - Wesley Jones

Strong Partnership

Looking ahead, Johnson Controls plans to maintain a strong partnership with Flowdrill. They are confident that, when their needs evolve, a single call will be enough to provide the required support and solutions.

In conclusion, Flowdrill’s solution has transformed Johnson Controls drilling process, effectively addressing their challenges with the chips in their heat/air systems. By implementing friction drilling into their process, Johnson Controls achieved significant improvements in terms of quality, efficiency, cost savings, and productivity, while also benefiting from the support and expertise of the Flowdrill team.

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