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Changing the way the world achieves stronger and quicker fastening connections.

Friction drilling is a unique technology that is currently used by more than 5000 customers across the world and this number is growing fast.

Our solid carbide friction drilling tool is capable of locally displacing material in order to form increased material thickness, which, in turn, allows for a stronger fastening connection by tapping and brazing.

This means that friction drilling has become a best friend to furniture designers looking for an aesthetically pleasing finish, car manufacturers determined to take the weight out of their vehicles, and general fabricators looking to reduce production set-up times. We’ve also become a breath of fresh air for the HVAC sector.

The friction drills from Flowdrill are easy to set up and are extremely flexible. Friction drilling can be utilized on manual equipment, custom built automated equipment, CNC machining centers and can also be mounted on a robot.

Why Flowdrill?


Process improvement


Reduced rework


Set up time Reduced


Cost saving per hole

A Flowdrill friction drill locally creates three times the material thickness which can subsequently be tapped or use a thread forming screw. Friction drilling allows customers to eliminate the use of standard fasteners such as rivet nuts and weld nuts.

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Delivering the Flowdrill connections that will accelerate the race to lighter and stronger parts.

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Supporting design solutions that are functional and easy on the eye.

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A breath of fresh air when it comes to connections for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector.

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Overcoming fastening challenges to provide quicker cycle times,
less reworks and improved product appearance.

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Nothing beats a hands on sample, allowing you to see what is possible with friction drilling and convince your team of where you may have been missing out or the opportunities it could bring.

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What kind of Flowdrill friction drill do I need?

This differs on the basis of material, type of solution and size of the drill hole. For every application, we find the suitable friction drill.

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