Friction drill starter set - fliessbohren - vloeiboren - fluoperçage

Starter Set

Flowdrill tool case with all the necessary tools to start friction drilling.

The starterset tool case includes:

  • Tool holder with aluminium cooling ring for heat dispersion from the spindle.
    We offer several types of tool holders, suitable for manual drilling and CNC machines.
  • A set of spanners.
    To secure the collet.
  • ER25 or ER32 collet.
    For safe and precise clamping of the Flowdrill.
  • Flowdrill lubricant (FDKS).
    To improve Flowdrill results and drill lifetime.
  • Flowtap oil (FTMZ).
    For more accurate threads and longer tap lifetime.
  • Short instruction.
    Flowdrill set-up instructions.

Additionally, you select the Flowdrill and Flowtap sizes you need to complete the starter set.

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The starter set includes all the accessories you need to begin with friction drilling, when you request your kit please specify the following details so we can put together the required quote:

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Benefits of using Flowdrill

Process improvement

Reduced rework

Set up time reduced

Cost saving per hole

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