Furniture Production

Furniture Production

Flowdrill has been the best friend of product designers for more than four decades. 

Our technology helps achieve perfect finishes and delivers aesthetically pleasing desks, chairs and cabinets used in some of the world’s highest profile buildings, including the HQs of Apple and Google.

No longer do designers have to face the daily trade-off between beautiful design and cost, as we can remove the need for weld nuts and blind rivet nuts completely. Better still, cycle times are reduced by almost 50%, meaning the look, feel and cost of the process is a win-win for our clients. 

Meeting the highest standards

Our Application Engineers have a proven track record of supporting prototype development and proving out new products, ensuring support from your first idea through to running production.

Flowdrill difference in furniture production

- Flush finish
- Reduced rework 0% missed holes & 0% spinning
- Automated production of parts

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