General Fabrication

General Fabrication

Flowdrill’s versatility means it is a trusted partner with more than thousands of customers in general fabrication, ranging from a world leader in DIY products and a modular building specialist to food processing giants and digital menu boards for McDonalds. 

Whilst all have different applications, they all strive for an elimination of reworks, improvements in cycle times and the best possible product appearance.

Quick set-up is also a major benefit we can deliver, with our friction drills we are able to achieve 90% reduction in set-up times, meaning production can begin within a minute.

Meeting the highest standards

Our friction drilling application engineers have a proven track record of supporting prototype development and proving out new products, ensuring support from your first idea through to running Flowdrill production.

Flowdrill difference in fabrication

- Process improvements through automation
- 85% Cost saving per hole
- Reduced rework 0% missed holes & 0% spinning
- Higher valued product by your customer

“One of the really pleasing things about using the friction drill technology is the final aesthetics of our product. The countersink method means there is a completely smooth finish, and no nuts are protruding…clients are no longer commented on the grinding marks, but instead saying ‘wow, how did you do that’.”

Matthew Carter, Production and Programming Specialist at StairSupplies

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