Packaging for Shipments of Industrial Products

There are few issues that are currently discussed globally as much as the environment. With global warming and climate change being so topical, it’s time to discuss the effects of using single-use packaging and how we can pursue more sustainable options.  


Supply chain for industrial products 

Industrial manufacturing often requires the sourcing of products from other countries. Whether it’s car components or furniture parts, you may be surprised to find out just how many materials are sourced from abroad. This lengthy physical journey for materials adds to CO2 emissions, and therefore contributes towards carbon footprints.  

There are, however, ways to reduce CO2 emissions, even within the manufacturing industry. One of the main ways to do this is to explore environmentally friendly packaging for shipments of industrial products. 


Avoiding single-use plastics: the benefits of using recyclable materials  

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, then one thing you should avoid when sourcing industrial products is single-use plastics. Unfortunately, they’re used in quite a lot of packaging. Instead, you can source industrial products and parts that are shipped in packaging made from recyclable materials. 

As well as helping to limit damage to the environment and in turn reduce your carbon footprint, this will help consumers to identify with your brand in a positive way. With so much emphasis on climate change and ways we can reduce CO2 emissions, sourcing products that are shipped in more environmentally friendly packaging will help your company stand out from its competitors.  

At Flowdrill, we make a point of using reusable boxes to ship all our products to our customers. So, you can rest assured that we are doing our bit to keep CO2 emissions down within the industrial manufacturing supply chain.  


How can industrial manufacturing look into sustainability down the supply chain? 

Sustainable manufacturing occurs when processes are optimised to reduce negative effects on the environment. So, it’s something that we as an industry can strive towards by taking small steps to minimise the impact we have on our planet.  

One way to improve sustainability within the supply chain for industrial manufacturing is to ensure that products can be easily disassembled. This way, certain parts of each product can be reused in another product.  

 For example, at Flowdrill we produce a recyclable product, with the recycled tungsten being reused in our products to limit the amount of waste. 


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