Chipless process: Chip, Burrs and Swarf free with Friction Drilling

The unique benefits of not having any chips, Burrs and Swarfs!

Friction drilling is a drilling technique that minimizes material loss, doesn’t form chips, swarfs, and burrs and results in a strong, durable connection. Unlike traditional drilling, where due to the drilling chips and swarfs are formed. In contrast to friction drilling the material flows around the drill bit, preventing swarfs and chips created. In addition, friction drilling gives you locally three times the thickness of the original material.

Why do you want to have no chips or swarfs?

Friction drilling results in several advantages when it comes to no chips, burrs, and swarfs:
  • Removes the need for post-processing, saving time and costs;
  • Prevents damage to the final application;
  • Improves safety by eliminating sharp burrs.

Additional benefits of chip and swarf free drilling!

Besides the chip less process, friction drilling has other additional benefits:
  • Additionally, the use of friction drilling eliminates the need for foreign material as a fastening method, such as a blind rivet nut, weld nut, press nut, or nut.
  • Maintains material integrity by minimizing material loss and cold forming tapping;
  • Strengthens the joint by material compaction around the created hole;
  • No addition of foreign material, making the end product easy to recycle.


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