Flowdrill: The Original Flowdrill Technology

Authenticity Since 1923

Flowdrill is not just any Frictiondrill manufacturer, it is the original manufacturer of friction drills. The foundation for this revolutionary technique was laid in Southern France as early as 1923. Jan Claude de Valliere was the first to see the potential of using friction heat to drill holes in thin sheet metal.

However, due to limitations in material and technology at the time, the development wasn't fully realized until nearly 60 years later. Under new ownership and with advancements in materials like hard tungsten carbide, precise tool design, diamond grinding wheels, and advanced machinery, the Flowdrill, as we know it today, was finally brought to life.

More Than Just a Tool

With over 5,000 customers in 50 countries and 500 million connections produced annually, Flowdrill represents more than just a tool. It is dedication, innovation, and customer focus.

Behind the scenes at our production facilities, an R&D team that constantly pushes the boundaries, and a close-knit team of application engineers who support customers with installation and ongoing service around the world.

Sustainability as an Added Benefit

Flowdrill technology not only delivers economic and strength benefits but also contributes to a more sustainable future. By replacing 500 million fasteners every year, we save 2.5 million tons of steel. In addition to the environmental savings, this is equivalent to a staggering 7,500 kilometers of installed fasteners!

Reliability, Innovation, and Sustainability

Flowdrill proves its quality, innovation, and reliability as a partner who thinks along with your challenges. Discover the possibilities of Flowdrill!

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